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Family founded by Mother María Inés Teresa Arias.



The center of our charism is Jesus Sacramentado guide, love and strength of our vocation.


It impels us to make, know and love the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen and Mother of all men under the dedication of Our Lady of Guadalupe.


We take as our own the duty of Evangelization, making the kingdom of God accessible to people.


Missionary Clarisa is the offeror of her whole being in union with Jesus, priest and victim for the salvation of the world.


Fidelity to the will of God and a humble attitude of service and giving are a source of joy.

Our Story

We were founded by Mother Ma. Inés in Cuernavaca, Morelos, in Mexico on August 23, 1945.

Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament is the center of the life of the congregation and their patroness is Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Joyfulness characterizes the community: “From the moment she rises up…the heart and soul of the Poor Clare Missionary sister is like a harmonious harp, and vibrates for her God.” (Blessed Mother Maria Ines)

Our motto is URGE THAT CHRIST REIGN and expresses our apostolic mission in a life of contemplation and action.

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The sisters serve in 14 countries with 64 houses where they carry on their ministry among Christians and non-Christian by :

Represented in the following countries: Mexico, Japan, United States, Costa Rica, Indonesia,
Sierra Leone, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Nigeria, Korea, India, Russia and Argentina.

In the United States, the sisters are present in the Diocese of Orange,
the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and the Diocese of Cape-Girardeau in Missouri.


Catechesis, Pastoral work, Direct Evangelization


Outpatient Clinics & Hospitals


Nursery schools, Schools and University Residences